Roland O'Brien-Bills, PE, MSc.Engr.
   Expert Witness and Consultant

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory, Inc, Inc.
Mr. O'Brien-Bills, PE is an expert witness and consultant to assist lawyers, legal teams, and clients to find the engineering truth and opine on the engineering.

Fire Tube Scotch Marine (FTSM) Boiler furnace explosion with injury.

Mr. Roland O'Brien-Bills, PE has been an expert witness in a modest number of cases from 2001 to 2014. Also, during that period he has provided accident investigations and consultation for corporations in both private and public sector. Since, he has taken leave for three (3) years, he is now able to devote his knowledge, experience, training and education to clients.

Mr. O'Brien-Bills, PE has expertise in accident investigations dating back to 1980 for insurers. Since that period Mr. O'Brien-Bills, PE has used his skills as an accident investigator and forensic engineer to provide expert witnessing and consultation for explosions, fire-balls and fire events to steam condensate explosions as well as to highly-explosive TCS or SiHCl3.

Here are some past case expert witness summaries and Location:

  • Pipe Failure by Steam Condensate Water Hammer with Two (2) Fatalities - District of Columbia
  • Pipe Flange Bolting - Hydraulic Water Hammer - Flooding - New York
  • Asbestos - Injury - Illinois
  • Improper Boiler Shutdown - Injury - New York
  • Steam Turbine Poor Application - Restoration - New York
  • Warehouse Freezer Evaporator Failure - Spoilage and Restoration - Hawaii
  • Pressure Vessel Shell Plate Lamination - Restoration - Texas
  • Hot Water Boiler Expansion Cushion Tank Failure - Injury - Connecticut
  • Boiler Stack Failure - Building Fire - Restoration - Wyoming
  • Hot Water Boiler Explosion - Injuries and Restoration - Maine
  • Uninsulated Steam and Condensate Piping - Injury - Maryland
  • Warehouse Freezer Evaporator Failure - Spoilage and Restoration - Massachusetts
  • Boiler Furnace Explosion - Injury - Maryland
  • Poor Hot Water Application - Injury - New York
  • Poorly Designed Aboveground Storage Tank Ladder - Injury - New York
  • Steam Turbine Explosion and Wreckage - Fatality - Louisiana
  • Piping Failure Steam Condensate Water Hammer - Fatality - New York
  • Chemical Piping Flange Failure - Injuries - New York

Here is a list of some of the Consulting / Accident Investigation work and Location:

  • Water Tube Boiler Water Wall Tie Strap Failure - New York
  • Steam Boiler Explosion - Florida
  • Rotating Pressure Vessel Explosion - North Carolina
  • Medium Temperature Hot Water Boiler Corrosion Failure - Canada
  • Waste Heat Boiler ASME Code Design and Application - Africa
  • Wood Chip Storage Application - Maine
  • High-Temperature Hot Water Piping Failure - New York
  • Cast Iron Boiler Furnace Explosion - New York
  • FTSM Boiler Furnace Explosion - New York
  • Chemical Pressure Vessel Storage Tank - Rupture - New York
  • Water Tube Boiler Meltdown - New York
  • High-Temperature Hot Oil Pipe Fitting Impact Failure - New York
  • Steam Plant - New Water Tube Boiler Failures - New York
  • Pressure Vessels Freeze Damage for Restoration - New York
  • Chemical Aboveground Storage Tank Explosion - New York
  • FTSM Boiler Burner Control Failure - Michigan

Mr. O'Brien-Bills, PE has inspected and evaluated boilers, pressure vessels, machinery, and electrical machinery and electrical distribution equipment (switch gear and transformers) and the processes they are applied to in the States of Texas, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, as well as Puerto Rico, and the country of the Dominican Republic.

He has extensive experience in forest product plants, pulp and paper mills and cement plants in the United States of America (including PR), Ireland, Dominican Republic, France, and the Czech Republic.

Case File: Manufacturing Plant 12-inch diameter shaft failure

Large slurry tank hollow 12-inch shaft twisted from overloading the material's physical properties. The slurry tank had years of acceptable performance. On the shaft side of a support arm from the rake, the fillet weld toe in the HAZ eventually failed causing the outer fiber-stress on the 12-inch shaft to loose the benefit of a continuous surface. Engineering analysis was done when repairs were near completion, they showed the shaft design was acceptable, but the weld characteristics where not.


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