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Providing accident investigations by a forensic investigator for your accident reports for accidents on a steam boiler, steam pipe, pressure vessel, and steam turbine.

Investigations, Failure Analysis, and Inspections:

  • We apply expert engineering with scientific objectivity

  • Failure Analysis does not have to be expensive

Fire Tube Scotch Marine (FTSM) Boiler furnace explosion with injury.AIS Forensic Engineering provides expert forensic engineering for failures analysis and accident investigations from fire related failures and explosions. AIS Forensic Engineering will determine why the accident or failure occurred and the root cause of your accident. AIS Forensic Engineering will inspect your accident site. Inspections of accidents is best done when the accident site has not degraded or been restored. However, inspection of an accident site before restoration is not always possible, but inspection of the accident site after restoration may provide site information or perspective. So, whether the accident or failure involves people, property, inadequate engineering design, materials deficiencies, poor fabrication, in-complete installation, operator error, boiler explosions, less than adequate repairs, inferior maintenance, steam explosions, and insufficient safe guards an inspection of the accident site may be valuable.

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory Inc. expertise of inspecting accident sites or conducting accident investigations. AIS Forensic Engineering has experience with explosions, fire-balls and fire events from steam condensate to the highly-explosive TCS or SiHCl3. AIS Forensic Engineering applies its' expertise to both the private and public sectors on the following capital equipment:

High-voltage electrical switchgear failure.boilers, heating plants, chillers, steam turbine generators, ammonia refrigeration evaporator equipment, water turbines, DA Tanks, machinery, electric switchgear, power & heating plant heat & mass balance, pressure vessels, piping, HTHW (high temperature hot water) pipe systems, steam tunnels, smoke stack, boiler chimney, valving, chemical tanks, safety devices, gearboxes, electrical transformers, ASME Code material fabrication compliance, street & grounds manholes and vehicles that are involved with this specialty equipment

Our private sector clients include corporations, businesses, industry such as cement, chemical, forest products, mining, power generation, pulp & paper, building management companies, insurance-related firms, insurance companies, and law firms.

AC synchronuos generator leads being re-established after electrical failure.AIS Forensic Engineering public sector clients are from the federal government agencies, state government, foreign (friendly) governments, local governments, institutions, universities and hospitals.

AIS Forensic Engineering was founded in 1999 as an accident investigation and forensic engineering firm with a laboratory with a mission to provide excellence by using AIS Forensic Engineering expert engineering service by improving the design through re-engineering. AIS Forensic Engineering was inspecting accident sites and brought greater service distinction to clients, AIS Forensic Engineering mission was expanded to be a provider of corporate training by employing what was learned by accidents and experience in a traditional class room setting to instruct clients in accident prevention.

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory Inc. was created and has grown to further the specialty expert engineering of forensics and inspections of accident sites to enhances the clients mission and the mission of objective engineering in the world of expert forensics and losses & claims. Call us today at (518) 62o-3685. Emergencies are welcomed.


Case File: Manufacturing Plant 12-inch diameter shaft failure

Large slurry tank hollow 12-inch shaft twisted from overloading the material's physical properties. The slurry tank had years of acceptable performance. On the shaft side of a support arm from the rake, the fillet weld toe in the HAZ eventually failed causing the outer fiber-stress on the 12-inch shaft to loose the benefit of a continuous surface. Engineering analysis was done when repairs were near completion, they showed the shaft design was acceptable, but the weld characteristics where not.


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