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AIS Non-Destructive Examination and Testing

What do you need from a nondestructive testing -NDT- company?  You should expect qualified NDT technicians and NDT reports that convey useful information so decisions can be made. So our mission is to bring value to you.

AIS provides NDT nondestructive testing inspection services to industry. AIS uses certified ASNT SNT-TC-1A Inspectors.

PT (Dye Penetrant Testing), MT (Magnetic Testing), UT (Ultrasound Testing), RT (limited) Radiographic Testing, ET (Eddy Current Testing), IR (Infrared Testing) 

Machinery & Equipment where our NDT  non destructive testing services can benefit you -

  • Boilers

  • Paper Machine Dryers

  • DA Tanks

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Piping

  • Storage Tanks...

  Equipment Experience:

  • Flaw Detection in welds, castings, vessels, and boilers
  • Boiler Tube Inspection / Full Tube Length NDT Inspection
  • Thickness Readings on Boilers and Pressure Vessels using NDT Methods
  • DA Tank Inspection / NDT: Deaerator Tank
  • Pressure Vessel Testing / NDT 
  • Piping Thickness Readings and remote camera inspections
  • Tank Testing...incorporating API-653 Certified Inspectors

What engineering inspections do you need...

Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections

Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspections

Electrical Testing & Inspection

Engineering Projects & Assistance

Infrared Inspections

Nondestructive Examination NDE NDT

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Consulting in Accidents, Engineering in Boiler & Machinery, and Safety Engineering

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