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If you have an industrial accident like an explosion or equipment damage can you afford a reoccurrence. We did not think so.  Our staff experts can help you get to the cause of the failure.  

AIS specializes in explosions, wreckage, electric arcing damage, equipment failure, and accident investigations on-

  • Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Piping
  • Tanks [Petroleum and Chemical]
  • Turbines [Steam and Water], Presses, and Rotating Machinery
  • Electric Power Equipment, Transformers, Electrical Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Motors

Investigation services can include

Field failure analysis

Investigation to find the facts

Reconstruction of the failure

Accident investigations

Expert Witnessing


Explosion of Pressure Vessel by Gas: TNT Equivalent [kg]

The results are approximate.  This calculations are only based on gases in a pressure vessel and NOT on tanks or pressure vessels which have liquids.  The usage of this program on liquids WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY wrong.  An Investigating Specialist [Engineer/Chemist] or Risk Engineer is needs to be consulted in all cases.  This is for information only.


Operating Pressure, MAWP

or Test Pressure

Convert psi to Pa


150 psi x 0.00689= 1.03MPa

Volume of Pressure Vessel


Convert cubic Feet to m3


150ft x  0.02831 = 4.2365 m3

Atmospheric Pressure outside Pressure Vessel


Ratio of Specific Heat or Gas inside of Pressure Vessel


Specific Heat Ratios

H2 = 1.41

CH4 = 1.31

O2 = 1.40

N2 = 1.40

Propane= 1.31

Steam = 1.33

Acetylene = 1.24

Natural Gas = 1.27

Butane = 1.09

TNT [kg]

TNT [pounds]

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