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AIS Metallurgical and Testing Laboratory

Metallurgy is the study of metallic materials.  Testing is the examination of the performance of a device or material under certain conditions.  Failure is a condition where the device or material does not fulfill its purpose. Failures can appear to be obvious and may not readily be clear why it was not so obvious before the failure.  This was true in ancient of times as well as today.  Whether you need to understand a corrosion issue or a break in a weld AIS Metallurgical and Testing Laboratory can provide you with the answers you require.  Here is a list of our metallurgical laboratory services- 

  • Metallography

  • Metallurgical Examination

  • Hardness Testing

  • Composition Analysis

  • Laboratory Failure Analysis

  • Field Services

  • Litigation Storage: Long-Term 5-Years

AIS Metallurgical and Testing Laboratory can examine boiler tube scale [deposits] to pressure testing and calibration of your pressure gauges.  Whether you are overheating your boiler tubes or you are considering acid cleaning AIS Metallurgical and Testing Laboratory can assist you in your decision making.   

  • Deposit Weight Density Measurements

    • Boiler Tubes

    • Heat Exchanger Tubes

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Pressure Gauge [Gage] Calibration [Dead-weight Tested]

Failures do not have to be mysterious, so if you are not getting the answers that are required of you then consider AIS Metallurgical and Testing Laboratory services who specialize in boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, turbines, machinery, and electric power equipment serving manufacturing, institutions, governments, and the litigation community.

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